Sound of materials – sounds of tools and iron processing


A collection of sounds that are heard when using tools or when processing iron.
Please contact us if you have any opinions or requests such as what kind of sound you want.

cut iron
cut iron2
cut iron3
cut iron4
cut iron5
cut iron6
cut iron7
cut iron8
cut iron9
drill a hole in iron
drill a hole in iron2
drill a hole in iron3
drill a hole in iron4
drill a hole in iron5
hit iron with iron
hit the iron once
hit the iron 4 times
hit the iron wall
hit the iron wall2
hit the iron wall3
install the battery in the machine
Iron work sound
Iron work sound2
Iron work sound3
turn the drill
turn the drill2
turn the drill3
turn the drill4
turn the drill5
turn the drill6
turn the drill7
turn the drill8
turn the motor of the machine
using a drill at a construction site

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